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Meet JoElle

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"My vision is to develop easy techniques that anyone can use regardless of their skin type, race, age or gender. It’s true that our busy, stressful lifestyle often causes imbalances in our mind and bodies, which ultimately manifests themselves as skin issues. Yet, most people do not understand that skincare has less to do with race, skin type or gender and more to do with lifestyle, seasons, exposure to the elements and diet. 

 As a skincare expert, I know first-hand that one should not have to sacrifice beautiful healthy skin because of their lifestyles. Everyone can have the type of skin they desire if only they had the right combination of products, lifestyle habits and skincare techniques. 

My goal is to not follow the crowd or the latest trends, but offer solid solutions and products that will deliver long-lasting results.  And of course, make it easy enough that anyone can look and feel as though they just left the spa after one of my Signature SkinCare Treatments."

JoElle's Journey

JoElle Lee is a Skincare Expert, Educator, Author and Celebrity Esthetician with over 20 years experience in all aspects of the skincare industry.  JoElle began her professional career by training under well-known dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons and providing skincare services in several prestigious medical spas in Chicago, IL.  With comprehensive knowledge and experience as a Medical Esthetician and SkinCare Specialist, JoElle is a highly regarded expert in the field of esthetics and has been featured in national beauty and fashion magazines, newspapers and has made guest appearances on radio shows. She is also one of the most sought after popular lecturer and educator in the skincare industry. She is most noted for being the former Personal Esthetician to First Lady, Michelle Obama and for co-authoring the bestselling book, "Multicultural Skin Treatments: Learn How to Effectively Treat Skin of Color Using Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments" and also the author of "Esthetician on a Mission Business Building Workbook.

JoElle specializes in No Downtime Chemical Peel Treatments, Customized Corrective Facial Treatments, HydraFacial Treatments, Prescriptive Therapy and a wide range of Laser Treatments. JoElle was inspired to create her own method of treatments and products with an overriding philosophy to treat the current condition of the skin and not just the skin type. She has developed products and treatments suitable to treat any race, age or gender. She treats the most common and medical skin conditions using the latest technology and products. JoElle takes a natural "inside out" integrative approach by combining non-invasive treatments and products without harmful chemicals to achieve healthy beautiful skin. "Beautiful Skin Begins Within" is the premise that JoElle SkinCare treatments and products are founded and JoElle offers solid solutions and products that deliver long-lasting results. It is truly a fresh approach and philosophy to skincare. Simply stated, "skincare beyond compare."

JoElle's Philosophy

The skin is the body’s largest organ and vital to our physical survival yet it weighs heavily in our appearance and how we feel about ourselves. No one can dispute the mind-body-soul connection that influences our lives. Everything is supposed to work in harmony and when the balance is disrupted our lives are also affected. What and how we feel inside ultimately manifests outside. JoElle's overriding philosophy is to treat the current condition and not the skin type, color or traditional beliefs. After years of servicing clients and evaluating dozens of products, JoElle realized that most skincare manufacturers approach skincare through the lens of a laboratory. This ultimately results in significant product gaps that cause professional skincare providers to take extra steps and apply additional products to achieve the results their clients seek.  It stands to reason that a skincare expert who has performed over ten thousand facial services has the ultimate vantage point when it comes to understanding the best formulations and techniques needed to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.  


Many issues like premature aging, wrinkles, and dark spots caused by medical conditions or diet deficiencies can be successfully treated.  But most people take the path of too many products applied too often which in itself is the root of most skin issues. Most beauty and make up products are just enhancers—the icing on the cake. The problem is they can only enhance what’s beneath them.  All great works of art begin with a great foundation. It stands to reason that if your face is your canvas, then the condition of your canvas helps determine the results. That’s where JoElle's philosophy, approach and products separate from the rest. She turns the tables to make skincare a top priority rather than the last consideration in deciding one’s beauty regimen. JoElle has taken the approach that “beautiful skin begins within” so treating the outside without regard for the inside is just business as usual. The converse is also true—what you put on the outside of the skin affects what happens on the inside.  Proper hydration, good diet, less stress and natural products without harmful chemicals are the keys to beautiful healthy skin.  So, educating people about skincare issues is fundamental to her philosophy.